London Utd pulled out their 6 straight league victory to take them 2 points clear at the top of EBL Division 1 by beating second place Worcester in a close game at Brunel Osterley on Saturday evening.

United started slowly as Wolves took an 8-3 lead however London went on a 17 point unanswered run due to Van Elswyk's inside work and Deppisch's shooting.

Wolves worked hard to bring themselves back into contention through Ty Shaw's 12 points and by the end of the 1st quarter United maintained their lead by 11 at 32-21.

United maintained their lead only until the 6th minute of the quarter as Shaw and Clarkes inside scores gave Wolves a point lead at 38-39.

United rallied again as Deppisch nailed another two 3's along with Ataha and they took a lead of 54-47 into the half time break.

The second started with Deppisch scoring another 3 as Klocek and Van Elswyk finished off some good team basketball giving United a 16 point lead in the 7th minute however once again Wolves would not lie down and went on a 7 point run to bring them back into touching distance however it was Deppisch again scoring from long distance who gave United the advantage at the end of the 3rd at 79-65.

A spirited run at the start of the 4th saw Wolves come back to 2 at 86-84 as Harper and Collins nailed 4 successive 3's giving Deppisch a reason to nail his 10th 3 pointer of the game to push United ahead at 89-84 with 4 minutes remaining.

London managed to trade baskets for the remainder of the game as they pulled out a 9 point victory at 106-97.

United's top scorers were Deppisch with 39 and 10 three pointers, Peter Van Elswyk with 26 and Santa Ataha with 16.

Shaw had 23 and Harper 19 for Wolves.

United play away to Worthing next Sunday with the Reading home game being postponed on Saturday.