SEWAGE has been bubbling up from a drain in a Ruislip park for days, and Thames Water has still not fixed the problem.

Outraged residents, dog-walkers and councillors have flooded Thames Water with calls over the threat to public health.

But four days later, the drain is still broken and the smell of sewage is drifting across the whole of Bessingby Park .

The sewage leak is not the first in Bessingby Park.

In April this year, it took Thames Water more than two months to clear up after sewage was found leaking from the manhole in the park in Beverley Road.

Thames Water went out to remove the blockage from the pipe, and said they had asked contractors to clear up the mess left behind.

But that was not done.

At the time, Thames Water said they believed the sewer was not likely to flood again.

Cllr Cox, who leads the Liberal Democrat group on Hillingdon Council, said: "It is disgraceful that this has happened again.

"With this latest leak we were told someone would be coming out within four hours and three days later it is still here. It is a threat to public health and the smell is disgusting."

Debbie Lynch, 44, of Chelston Road, regularly walks her Dalmatian, Ella, in the park.

She said: "My children took the dog out at the weekend, and she ran into the area where the sewage is and rolled in it.

"It was disgusting, and it must be a threat to public health."

Elaine Webb, 66, of Torcross Road, was walking her dog, Jake, in the park on Wednesday.

She said: "I couldn't believe it when I saw it, and the smell is disgusting.

"They should have done something about it by now. Lots of dog walkers use this park every day."

Nicola Savage from Thames Water said: "The football pitch in the park has been cordoned off and a bowling green has been cordoned off as well.

"We do realise this is causing people distress and we are trying to get the area cleaned up as quickly as possible.

"The blockage was removed on Monday but the clean up has taken a little longer.

"A network engineer is down there today and we are trying to get the area cleared.

"Thames Water will be carrying out a CCTV survey to see if there are any defects in the sewer."