THIS is a comic look at chronic disease, written by the sufferer herself, which shows readers how to see the lighter side of a serious subject.

Candace Lafleur is a Canadian born-writer who lives in Hillingdon with her family and is a sufferer of an auto-immune disease called sarcoidsis.

This is her first book and it documents her journey from diagnosis to where she is now - and everything else in between.

It has had rave reviews from Amazon readers, as well as other sufferers who have contacted Candace to say how her story allowed them to continue loving life.

The book is in easily-readable segments and, although I read it in three sittings, it is also one that can be absorbed in shorter sessions.

I enjoyed Candace’s straight-talking approach to her illness, with no hint of self-pity. She seems to tackle everything she goes through with dignity, even in situations that have been less than fun.

What makes the book truly remarkable is her ability to turn some truly awful situations into something we can all relate to and laugh about.

I am not usually a reader of autobiographies, as most are done by celebrities, but this is completely different. It’s a very funny read and I can’t believe how this lady is still working and has such a positive outlook. She is much stronger than me!

Candace is currently planning another book about her adventures in China when she was younger, but for now the medical stories keep on coming.

She hopes to get involved with the NHS and other groups to spread her message of resilience through positivity and humour.

I thoroughly recommend it as it will make you laugh out loud and, let’s face it, we all need that.