AN acclaimed children’s clothes designer has taken the fashion world by storm with her original and ethical designs.

Celsa Efroni, from Northwood Hills, has created Doodle Do, a line based on the doodles of her children, as she wanted her designs to explore children’s imaginations.

As any parent or shopper will know, children’s clothes nowadays stick to the pattern of girls in pink and bows, boys in blue with cars or ship motifs.

This mother-of-four, however, looks to explore further than this with her imaginative and unique designs.

Celsa, 42, said: “The range is based on quirky prints, not the sweet and sugary stuff you would find on the high street. It’s what kids actually think about. It’s all about vibrant colours that appeal to kids.”

The brand, which launched in January, has had a steep rise in fortunes and even caught the attention of some A-list clients.

Being featured in fashion-bible Vogue was a dream come true for Celsa.

She was told that Doodle Do’s spring/summer collection was “truly inspirational” and “on a par with the best fashion houses in Britain”.

She said: “It has been a whirlwind. The success has been unexpected but very welcome. We have four shows this summer. I have just come back from Italy and then I’m going to Paris and doing shows in New York soon. It is very exciting.”

Beyond the doodle concept of the clothes, another key issue for Celsa is the ethical considerations.

“I have always been a friend of the environment, especially since having kids,” Celsa explained.

“You see so much about the environment and it makes you want to make sure your kids can live healthily and for my grandchildren to have a world to live in.”

All the garments are created from pure organic cotton and are made in Celsa’s GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) approved factory in India.

She said: “I want people to have fun but be aware of their surroundings and to appreciate what we have around us.”

Celsa’s boutique, S7ins, in Joel Street, Northwood, was opened by the mayor last summer.

With S7ins going from strength to strength and Doodle Do showing no signs of stopping, Celsa’s star seems to be on the rise.