PRINCE Charles’ favourite American girl band, The Three Degrees, is coming to Hayes this month.

Back on tour to celebrate 50 years in the business, the trio will be performing at the Beck Theatre on January 26, as part of their first extensive UK tour in four years.

Fans heading along to enjoy their soulful voices can look forward to all the favourite hits, including Maybe, When Will I See You Again?, Take Good Care Of Yourself, My Simple Heart and Dirty Ol’ Man.

Today, the line-up includes Helen Scott, a member of the original group in 1963, Valerie Holiday, who joined in 1967, and newcomer Freddie Poole, who replaced Cynthia Garrison due to illness.

Valerie said she was looking forward to performing at the theatre for the first time, even though she remembers coming to Hayes many years ago.

She said: “I think I have, but it’s been so many years of touring around you tend to forget all the places.

“People can expect the usual craziness that goes on stage and interaction with the audience, as well a bit of singing and dancing. We'll expect them to do that, for sure.”

Formed in Philadelphia in 1963, the soul sisters, renowned for their sparkling gowns and fabulous stage shows, have been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-running female vocal group in history.

The group has been most successful in the UK, where they achieved 15 hit singles between 1974 and 1998.

They became known as ‘Charlie’s Angels’ after Prince Charles said they were his favourite band.

Married to an Englishman, Valerie relishes the thought of spending more time in the UK on the upcoming tour, beginning on January 21.

One of the best things about touring for her is the atmosphere.

“Performing is a great way of getting the chance to reconnect with friends and meeting new people,” she said. “We used to tour England quite a bit back in the day and it would be nice to tour like we used to.

“I think our fans enjoy our music and because we create an atmosphere when they come to see a show that everybody enjoys.”

The Three Degrees show no signs of slowing down and will be travelling to Japan to perform after a four-day break following their UK tour.

Tickets are £25 and can be bought by phone on 020 8561 8371 or visit