PUPILS from St Catherine’s Primary School in Money Lane, West Drayton, were invited by Redrow London to visit its homes development, Padcroft, in Tavistock Road, for a lesson in health and safety on a building site.  

Pupils from years three and five were given a tour of the show suite before being kitted out in hi-vis jackets and hard hats and venturing out on the site.

Padcroft managers gave a demonstration of the machines used to construct new homes.

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Anita Reardon, of St Catherine’s, said:  “We’ve had some great feedback from the children. Marcel described it ‘as like a five-star hotel and he’d love to live in one’.

“Thomas has decided he’s going to ‘work hard on his Maths, English and Physics so he can become an architect because it looks like a really good job’ and Lily said she thought ‘the appliances in the flats were really futuristic and clever like the touch screen ovens’.  

“Overall, it was a great experience and has hopefully inspired them in terms of future career prospects.”