Help is at hand for a pet sanctuary in Uxbridge.

Cllr Wayne Bridges is one of three of Hillingdon East’s Councillors in the final stages of getting charity status and a trust for Pets Corner at Pole Open Space, Petsworth Gardens.

Stan Atkin, over 80, single-handedly looks after the five Shetland ponies, four pygmy goats, 14 rabbits, four guinea pigs, geese, ducks, chickens, guinea fowl and a peacock.

Stan said: “People all say they will volunteer, but in winter when the weather’s bad they all disappear.

“A lot of work can’t be done because I’ve got no one to do it.”

Percy the peacock is one of four peacocks who disappeared when the sanctuary was broken into.

Eleven months later, he was seen chasing a fox out of Ryefield School.

He was eventually returned on July 3, 2009, the same day two foals were born there.

“I suppose you’re going to ask me their names, aren’t you?” Stan chuckled.

Sparky the Shetland pony was named in a school naming competition while Squiblet was named in an Uxbridge Gazette competition.

Nuala O’Connor, 32, from Uxbridge, brings her 11-year-old son Kyle to the sanctuary regularly.

Mr O’Connor said: “I used to come here a lot as a kid and really enjoyed it, especially feeding the animals.”

Her father, John O’Connor, 63, in Oak Farm Estate said: “Kids are fascinated by it. You can really be hands-on with the animals, unlike the zoo which is limited, for obvious reasons.”

Andy Hodnett visits every week with his kids and drops off extra bread for Mr Atkin.

Stan started the sanctuary 44 years ago when new plans for high-rise flats banned pets.

He said: “It was for kids who would be disappointed not to have pets.”

Most of the animals are given to the sanctuary because they are unwanted or because their owners can’t keep them.

Eleven guinea pigs were given away by a woman who suffered from asthma.

Gina Pople created a Facebook group of 147 members to appeal for manual help for enclosures and materials for Pets Corner.