Hasn't it been great to see the sun after a rather wet and disappointing May?

However the long evenings and dry weather can bring real misery to some neighbourhoods as anti-social behaviour gets into full swing.

Is it me or has this become one of the most unacceptable aspects of Blair's Britain? Ten years ago we didn't have ASBOs, but have they solved anything?

Even when it rains the problem is there.

I recently heard about one of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams that stopped over eighty youths in and around one small park in Hillingdon on a wet Friday evening.

Every one of them was under the age of eighteen and the majority were between fourteen and sixteen years old.

The police confiscated three bottles of vodka, one bottle of Jack Daniels, one 3 litre bottle of cider, twelve cans of cider, ten cans of lager and numerous bottles of alcopops.

Someone is selling these kids the alcohol and any help in identifying these outlets would be gratefully received. Write to me and I will make sure that the authorities are informed.

Interestingly of the eighty or so youths spoken to none lived in the immediate vicinity; it appears that the vast majority had taken advantage of the free bus travel to get to the area.

Actually, I am broadly in favour of the free bus travel but obviously there is a real problem which has to be faced up to.

It is easy enough to say that the concession should be withheld from those who cause problems, but I wouldn't want to be a bus driver facing up to a group of these kids on my own.

It is ironic that in an age where there should be more to do, there seems to be more boredom and frustration among our young people than ever. Safer Neighbourhood Teams, ASBOs and CCTV can help but they are certainly not the solution. This has got to be a priority for everybody.

John Randall is the Conservative MP for Uxbridge.