EARLIER this month I attended and spoke at the annual general meeting of NoTRAG, the No Third Runway Action Group.

NoTRAG is the umbrella organisation formed to co-ordinate the fight against a third parallel runway for Heathrow. It brings together local people, local residents associations, councillors, religious and community groups who are concerned about the impact a third runway will have on our community.

One of the topics discussed was the Camp for Climate Action 2007, which will take place from August 14 to 21 in the Heathrow area. I welcomed this proposal and wished the event success.

The camp is hoping to:

  • Help stop the plans for a third runway at Heathrow.
  • Be an example of sustainable living, with the camp powered by renewable energy.
  • Have a lot of interesting workshops exploring ways to learn about how to avert climate chaos.
  • Be a safe, family-friendly place open for everyone to enjoy.

Last year's Camp for Climate Action was a great success, organised by a wide range of people and groups near Drax coal power station in Yorkshire. This year the focus is on aviation and the location is near Heathrow. Further information can be found at www.climatecamp.org.uk or by calling 07794 624591 and a public meeting is being held at Sipson Community Centre, Sipson Way, on Thursday, July 19 at 7.30 pm.

I have welcomed the Camp for Climate Action 2007 to our constituency. Aviation emissions are a major contributor to global warming and the massive problems a third runway in Heathrow Airport would cause are well documented. This camp will raise awareness of both of these important issues and help us in the fight against them. For our area a third runway and inevitably a sixth terminal would destroy the villages surrounding Heathrow with the loss of 4,000 homes either demolished or rendered uninhabitable by air pollution. We would lose at least three schools, churches and community centres, in fact whole communities would be destroyed.

The Government will commence formal consultations on the third runway in September. Our whole community should rise up in protest at this disastrous proposal.