I AM sure that most constituents shared my horror at the murder of young Rhys Jones.

Indeed, the day we are indifferent to such news we are in trouble. How have we got to this place where British children are exposed to this casual violence at the hands of each other?

I suppose every generation has worried about the "youth of today". Those concerns are voiced across Ruislip-Northwood, and I understand why when I see the large groups of kids gathered in Joel Street on a Friday night, or drive past another vandalised bus stop.

In the understandable desire to get tough we should not lose sight of the fact that the vast majority of kids are not bad.

Our response must include fresh thinking of how we offer children more access to better role models and opportunities to use their time constructively.

For the last few months I have been working to support a new project called the Young Adult Trust - www.youngadulttrust.co.uk This charity aims to offer children on the brink of adulthood a modern version of national service - a shared experience that challenges them to be more ambitious and responsible.

Locally I would like to see Hillingdon have a second mobile youth services bus, because I have seen how effective that can be in giving kids a place to socialise safely.

Our children are the future of this country. The horror of seeing how it can go so wrong must be the spur for getting it right.

Nick Hurd is the Conservative MP for Ruislip/Northwood.