I AM writing this in Blackpool during the middle of a media frenzy about a general election. I suspect most of my constituents are less enthusiastic at the prospect.

However, I sense that people are much more excited about who should be the next mayor of London. Whatever you feel about Ken there is no doubt it matters: just look at how much the cost of the mayor adds to your council tax.

The entry of Boris Johnson guarantees a rollicking ride. And the debate will touch on some key issues that shape our quality of life. Will communities like Ruislip continue to have new development forced on them?

Who will deliver a public transport system that works for exsaperated commuters?

Are safer neighbour teams the right priority for the police?

Should London continue to subsidise the rest of the country? What will be the legacy of the Olympics for us in West London?

At a time when we are told that people are switched off politics I expect this campaign will have us all talking. What is clear to me is that we need a mayor who attaches as much value to Hillingdon as he does to Hackney and is prepared to fight for Londoners' interests even if it means upsetting the next occupant of 10 Downing Street.