MY postbag tells me that more people are getting increasingly fed up with the way that decisions are taken that affect our community.

Planning is becoming an increasingly emotive issue as residents find themselves powerless to halt or influence the wave of development in the area.

It is not just about losing green spaces or diminishing the character of the area. There is real concern about the ability of our local infrastructure to cope with the arrival of thousands of new families and their cars.

What I find galling is that all this development is in the name of more "affordable'" housing but this is not what I see being built in Ruislip Northwood, which is expensive flats that are doing nothing to reduce the average house price in the area which is now 13 times the average national wage.

Hillingdon Planning has managed large projects such as Lime Grove and West Ruislip with some skill but has very limited power to say no since the Government and the Mayor want to see more houses built, irrespective of local sentiment.

My view is that local people know best what is good for their community in the long term. That is the whole premise behind the Private Members Bill which I have been privileged to take through Parliament. It will oblige central Government to listen to the views of local communities in setting a national strategy for more sustainable communities.

It will give us the opportunity for the first time to see every pound of taxpayers' money spent in Hillingdon, and to argue for that money to be reallocated in line with local priorities.

I am concerned that so many people are not bothering to get involved in the community because they feel they can't influence anything.

My hope is that my Bill will play a small part in triggering that sense of community and civic pride which we need to keep this a great area to live and work in.