IT almost seems that the Monty Python team are in charge at Westminster. Not only has HM Revenue and Customs lost discs containing millions of people's personal data and bank details, including my wife's, we now find that the Government may never be repaid in full for the £24billion that it lent to Northern Rock.

That's the equivalent of £900 for every person in the UK. On top of this, hundreds of criminals have avoided prosecution because warrants were not issued for the arrests of defendants who did not turn up at court and now Labour is embroiled in dodgy donations scandal that could yet see the resignations of ministers.

If the Government can be so incompetent on these issues, I certainly do not trust them to hold my details on a national ID card database.

Amongst all these crises, the announcement of the future expansion at Heathrow has almost slipped beneath the radar.

If the proposed third runway and sixth terminal are built, hundreds of people will be forcibly ejected from their homes and villages destroyed.

Last week, the Prime Minister said that the foundation of his approach to climate change is providing clear, credible and long term signals.

How can building a third runway, which will lead to an extra 320,000 flights a year and thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions be called a credible approach to climate change?

BAA and the airlines will have you believe that if Heathrow doesn't expand, the surrounding area will become an economic wasteland. This is rubbish.

In 1978, the Government inspector running the inquiry into Terminal 4 said: "I am strongly of the opinion that all possible steps should be taken to satisfy those living around Heathrow that this is the last major expansion."

Let's make sure that this promise isn't broken again.