ON Thursday, January 31, I attended a public meeting to protest against the planned third runway at Heathrow. The evidence produced by council officers and campaigners was devastating in terms of the impact that this will have on quality of life in Hillingdon.

It is not just an issue for the south of the borough. The new flight paths may affect Harefield, Northwood and RAF Northolt. Our roads will become even more congested.

The pressure for housing development will be even greater. Our Council Tax bills are likely to rise even higher as we absorb the costs of supporting unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

Nor is it just an issue for Hillingdon. Across West London, public meetings are packed with residents whose quality of life has been ruined by the flight path.

The Government is deaf to our frustration because it has bought a lie. It has been led to believe that our economy will suffer if we do not allow our airports to get bigger.

But our outbound tourism spends £18bn a year more abroad than visitors spend here. It says that Heathrow is full. But in the Government's own consultation document, BAA admits that 28m more people could use Heathrow without a new runway.

It is very easy to feel resigned to defeat in the face of clear evidence that the Government has made up its mind. However if we lose this one, it will keep coming back for more.

In the interests of Hillingdon and our concerns about the environment, it is our duty on behalf of future generations to nail the lies and get this Government to think again.

I would urge all my constituents to take part in the consultation and join the campaign to say no.