THERE was a very vocal and overwhelming message sent from the anti-Heathrow expansion rally in Central Hall, Westminster, last week.

I was delighted to be there, and amazed at the number of people who gave up their free time to tell the Government in no uncertain terms that enough is enough. I really do believe things are beginning to move our way, but we must keep the pressure on.

However, there are other battles to be fought. The Post Office has announced that 2,500 branches are to close around the country. In the Uxbridge Constituency, the post offices at Moorfield Road, Cowley and Park Road, Uxbridge are earmarked for closure. It appears that because the Post Office is losing so much money, it will have to close outlets in order to cut costs. Assessments have apparently been made to try and ensure that other branches can take the strain, but the fact is that many elderly or disabled constituents will find it extremely difficult to make a three-mile round trip to other nearby post offices. I find it staggering that closures could be made even if the individual post office is making a profit. Incredibly, because of the pressing need to make savings, it seems that if any branch can be saved, another will face closure instead. If any retailer decided to close profitable outlets because they needed to save money, it would soon go out of business. No wonder the Post Office is performing so badly.

I will be doing what I can to stop these closures over the next month of the consultation, including taking a survey of what post office services residents find useful, and helping a petition started by the local councillors against the closure. If you want to give me your views, or help with the petition, please contact me by post at the House of Commons, or email at