This month there are so many issues that I would like to write about, I really have to ration myself. So I have chosen just three that are top of my postbag at the moment.

Crime and the fear of crime is still one of the major worries of fellow residents. The news that Yiewsley is rated as one of the worst wards in London for burglaries is of great concern. I have spoken to the borough commander who assures me that reducing burglaries is very much a priority. I hope that these efforts bring quick results in reversing these alarming statistics.

I am pleased that the campaign against further Heathrow expansion seems to be gathering strength, no doubt helped by the fiasco over Terminal 5. Although locally the Conservatives have been opposed all along to a third runway, nationally the party has now examined both the environmental criteria and the business case for expansion, and has come to the conclusion that the case for a third runway has not been made. In particular, the large numbers of local and regional flights are identified as areas where new high-speed rail links could provide a viable alternative.

An alternative is also needed for the practice of "garden-grabbing", where family homes are knocked down to be replaced by flats. Fairfield Road in Uxbridge has applications or appeals on 35 per cent of properties and the character of the street has been damaged forever. Sadly, this is replicated all over the borough.

I am delighted that my concerns are very much shared by the Conservative candidate for mayor - Boris Johnson as well as, of course, our excellent local GLA member, Richard Barnes. On crime, Boris has promised to increase the number of police officers on our streets and trains, while also introducing Payback London, a scheme that will require under 18s who abuse their right to free bus travel to earn it back through community service projects.

On Heathrow, Boris has supported residents blighted by noise and air pollution by giving his support to the anti-expansion campaign. On "garden-grabbing", he has promised to direct building on real brownfield sites, rather than "rabbit hutches" in people's gardens. On May 1 you will have the opportunity to make a change for the better in London - join me in backing Boris.