I am writing this month to urge all local residents to join the demonstration on May 31 against proposals for the third runway and sixth terminal at Heathrow.

The Government's consultation has ended and we now know there has been an overwhelming response with more than 70,000 organisations, community groups and individuals sending their views to the Government. It is understood that the vast majority of responses have been opposed to further expansion of Heathrow Airport. Experts from local authorities and environmental groups have torn apart the argument put across in the Government's consultation document that there would be no increase in pollution and noise if expansion goes ahead.

Government ministers, including the Prime Minister, have on numerous occasions assured us that there would be no third runway unless the European Union's strict air pollution limits were met. I have always argued that there is no way that, if a third runway went ahead, these legal air pollution limits could be adhered to. It is clear that all the independent evidence submitted during the consultation proves that this is the case.

However, we now discover that the Government knows that a third runway and sixth terminal would definitely result in a significant increase in air pollution and would offend against the European Union laws on air pollution. For this reason it has been revealed that the Government is working behind the scenes to formally approach the European Union to request that Britain is exempted from the new European air pollution laws.

This is a disgraceful betrayal of trust. It undermines all the assurances that we were given. For this reason I am approaching the EU Commission along with many other community and environmental organisations, to ensure that the EU laws are properly enforced. We are also convening a march and rally on May 31 which begins at Hatton Cross underground station at noon.