The boss of repair store chain Timpson has explained why some shops across the country might be short-staffed this week.

James Timpson, the chief executive of Timpson Group, took to Twitter on Wednesday (September 2) to share an update with shoppers.

Why will some shops be short-staffed this week?

James tweeted: "If you find our shops a bit short staffed this week, I’m sorry.

"We have a colleague benefit where you get an extra day off when your kids have their first day at school, so a number of colleagues are doing a very special job away from their shops!"

What has the reaction been to James' tweet?

The tweet was met with a mostly positive reaction from shoppers on social media.

One said: "What a thoughtful policy. I have started using our local Timpsons for watch repairs as well as batteries.

"They always a fairly priced, with a quick, friendly service. I am more than happy to support a company that treats its staff so well."

Another user said: "I think I’ve said this many times before.

"But you’re empathy and employee benefits are not just the envy of your industry, but of the whole services sector."

"Please can employers take note - this is so great!

"The first day back at school is always emotional for both parent and child. I have had to take annual leave every year for this day, its important my child has me home after the first day in school," another Twitter user said.

Another added: "WHAT a lovely idea! Keep doing what you're doing; hopefully it will influence employers that this is good policy. Staff who are valued and looked after look after customers for you!"

What changes have Timpson made since reopening after the nationwide lockdown?

Shoe repair and key cutting firm Timpson began to reopen its stores, many of which are based within supermarkets, at the start of May in the first phase of its reopening plans.

James Timpson, chief executive of the business, said the company, which has around 2,000 units, spent £500,000 a week on topping up staff furlough payments to 100 per cent of their wage during the lockdown.