A new thriller called The Gathering will be airing on Channel 4 very soon, which concerns a teenage gymnast being attacked while at an illegal rave near Liverpool.

The new series comes from novelist Helen Walsh, who has written books such as The Lemon Grove, Brass and Once Upon a Time In England.

The Gathering represents her first original screenplay for television and will explore a number of themes around class and parenting.

In terms of what the programme is about, it follows Kelly (played by Eva Morgan) who is an "accomplished gymnast, on the National Team pathway".

Whilst she is committed to her training she finds freedom in the "unregulated world of free running".

Kelly is then attacked at an illegal rave, with a large number of people potentially having a motive for going through with it.

The Radio Times adds: "Each of the show's six episodes follows a different central character, telling their story and exposing a potential motive for the attack, all in the lead up to a finale where the truth will be revealed."

Channel 4 The Gathering full cast list

  • Eva Morgan as Kelly
  • Sadie Soverall as Jessica
  • Vinette Robinson as Natalie
  • Warren Brown as Paul
  • Richard Coyle as Jules
  • Sonny Walker as Adam
  • Ryan Quarmby as Charlie
  • Luca Kamleh-Chapman as Bazi
  • Poppy Miller as Dawn
  • Deborah Bouchard as Diane
  • Oliver Nelson as Josh
  • Christine Tremarco as Carianne
  • Emma Keele as Helen Clarence
  • Shane Walker as Macca
  • Dylan Thomas Smith as Oscar
  • Charity Bedu-Addo as Sonia
  • Olivia Frances Brown as Miss Hanson
  • Max Johnson as Tate

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When will Channel 4's The Gathering be on TV?

The first episode of The Gathering will air at 9pm on Tuesday, May 14 on Channel 4 with the second episode airing in the same timeslot on Wednesday, May 15.

After that, the episodes will air in the same pattern until their conclusion.

Alternatively, the full box set of six episodes will be available to stream on Channel 4 on the day of the first episode's release.