"It's meter reading week," Martin Lewis has reminded Brits to check their meters before the price cap drops on July 1.

Energy prices are going to fall for many households on July 1 if you're on a standard variable tariff like approximately 85% of British households.

The Money Saving Expert founder and his team have urged people to check and submit their meter readings to their suppliers so that they're not paying more than they should.

Sharing on social media on Tuesday, the popular broadcaster explained: " If you pay by monthly direct debit and don’t have a working smart meter, do an energy meter reading over the next week.

"The Price Cap drops 7% on Mon 1 July. A meter reading means they can’t assume more usage was done earlier when it costs more".

The MSE team has gone into more detail on the website with 9 key 'need-to-knows'.

For instance, the money-savvy experts recommend sending your meter reading to your supplier as soon as possible.

This is to avoid any dispute about what you used before and after prices changed.

The experts have assured people that you can still do it for a few days after, and some firms even let you feed in backdated readings from on or before July 1. 

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Why should I take a meter reading?

Submitting your meter reading means your supplier doesn't need to estimate your usage and therefore assumes you've used more at the current higher rate than you actually have.

The MSE experts note that there will be winners and losers here – as some will gain and others lose against what their supplier would have estimated.

However, they do note that if you do a meter reading, you know it's fair.