When buying a kitchen, you rarely get the chance to see it being made. At K2GO we make all of our kitchens in our own factory.

That's why we can make anything, including the "special" units that defeat the best intentions of our competitors and why 60% of all new customers are referred by past customers.

Kitchens2GO is part of County Manufacturing and has been involved in the design and manufacturing of kitchens for over 25 years. Until January 2003 the only way to purchase one of our kitchens was to visit the retailers we supply across the UK. Now you can come Direct to our Factory and get one for a fraction of the price.

The high quality of the kitchens we manufacture is the reason that K2GO has proved very popular with thousands of happy customers. Our prices provide spectacular value for money and compare favourably with the competition, including the big DIY outlets. The feedback from our customers clearly indicates that the quality is better than anything else they have seen. What's more, we have kitchens to suit every budget ranging from £500 to £25,000.

Using a professional kitchen designer and installer will make all the difference to the final appearance of your kitchen. Most consumers will have experienced the problems that using non-recommended and unapproved workmen can cause.

K2GO Quality Kitchens Quickly - Come and see it for yourself - You have to see it to believe it.

Unit 1 Humphrys Road
Woodside Ind Estate
Beds LU5 4TP
TEL: 01582 670012
EMAIL: sales@k2go.co.uk
FAX: 01582 670014