The credit crunch is forcing young people to turn to granny and other traditional sources to help make their money go a little further.

According to the Women’s Institute the current financial downturn, with the falling pound and rising unemployment, debt-hit Britons are turning to them in droves for advice and help on how to get through the crisis.

The charity has been giving advice to women on limiting waste and cutting down on spending for a century.

According to the WI, younger people have been turning to them in unprecedented numbers, in order to learn how to knit, darn clothes and cook more cheaply.

Advice on cutting costs from the WI includes using boiling salted water as weed-killer, diluting washing-up liquid to make it last longer, using lemons for cleaning products and putting unused kettle water into a thermos so it can be used for washing up later.

But there are now more hi-tec ways to make your cash stretch a little further with a whole host of websites dedicated to just that.

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