Saracens Performance Director Phil Morrow ensured fans all players are carrying out training programmes from home despite the Coronavirus pandemic suspending the season by five weeks. 


After Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced earlier this week the Government no longer supports mass gatherings, Premiership Rugby postponed the season until further notice. 


Despite the lengthy time away from the pitch,  Morrow provided an update on how players are staying active while at home. 


“The players have all been given three weeks off and we will start back in April doing some more structured training,” he said. 


“There are some injured players doing some rehab to make sure they are ready when the season starts up again. 


“The players have all been spoken to by the S&C coaches about areas to keep on top of over the next few weeks, but due to the situation a lot of this is stuff they can do at home or by themselves on a pitch.”


These home exercises are said to allow the players to keep up their fitness levels so when the season resumes, they will not have to undergo a pre-season-like training camp. 


“Things will be a little more condensed. In a pre-season,” he added. 


“We normally have nine weeks to prepare for the start of the season. So, we will get into team training a little quicker than a pre-season, but the gym work and fitness work will be similar at the start.


“It is a little different because they will work by themselves instead of in groups, but the work they do isn’t different. It goes without saying that any player who has any symptoms or people they live with have symptoms they would remain at home isolated and would only start their rehab again once they finish their isolation period and symptoms have gone.”


Morrow also provided advice for fans who are having to stay at home but still want to stay active. 


“If you are not isolated, you are still able to go for walks or jogs with appropriate social distancing in the countryside. If you are at home, there will be a load of good resources on the internet for home bodyweight circuits to keep yourself healthy.”