Family will always come first for Laura Kenny as she prepares to chase more Olympic history in Tokyo.

The four-time gold medallist is already the most successful British female Olympian of all-time, while husband Jason's six golds put him level with Sir Chris Hoy on the rankings.

Indeed, their household has won more Olympic golds than almost 100 countries have across all Games and in Rio, where they combined to win five, the Kenny’s would have finished ahead of Canada, Greece and Argentina on the medal table.

Kenny has spoken of a new perspective and desire since giving birth to son Albert three years ago, but family has always been at the centre of her sporting success.

She started cycling with mum Glenda when she wanted to lose weight and within years, she and her older sister Emma were both on the British team.

"I wouldn't be here with four Olympic golds if it had not been for the support of my mum and dad," said Kenny, whose haul has contributed to 864 Olympic and Paralympic medals since National Lottery funding started in 1997.

"When Emma and I were younger, we'd always go to the same bike races, but as you get older, they start to be all over the country. So, my dad would go with Emma and mum with me, and I always used to speak to her about absolutely everything - whether it was boyfriends or cycling.

"As I got older and headed into the senior ranks, it was actually my dad that I ended up picking up the phone too.

"At London 2012, I messaged him halfway through the omnium saying: ‘I can't do this, I've messed this up’. He's always that person who keeps me calm.

"My dad has such a good balance with knowing what to say without pushing me into sheer panic mode or feeling that I'm doing it for him.

"He's always been such a support as opposed to a pushy parent - though he'd say that we needed a bit of pushing initially to get into the sport. He always jokes that my life is one he's dreamt."

The Kennys have been indulging their love for musicals with Frozen on permanent repeat during lockdown with their Disney+ subscription taking particularly heavy punishment.

And the pair, who are on The National Lottery-funded UK Sport World Class Programme, also used the time together to teach their toddler to ride a bike, sharing the moment with followers on Instagram.

Kenny arrived at the Games in London and Rio having won double gold at the proceeding World Championships.

However, at this year's Worlds – the last major Olympic sport event before lockdown – she was left bloodied and bruised following a fall and finished outside medal contention.

"I feel less pressure about these Games," she added.

"In 2012, I never expected to win, but then did. In Rio, I wanted to prove that I could do it again and that London wasn't just luck.

"I never really thought about a third Games - and certainly never thought about that third coming after I had a child. It brings a different aspect to it and I'm almost more excited about it because I'm more relaxed than I was before."

It is expected Team GB will field more women than men for the first time when the Games finally takes place next summer.

And Kenny would appear a red-hot favourite to carry the flag at the opening ceremony, following in the footsteps of idol Sir Chris Hoy who did the job at London 2012.

"I'd love to do it and it would be a great honour but I'm part of a team sport, which makes things harder," she said.

"I owe it to my team-mates to be 100 percent focused on our ambitions and fractions can cost you in a bike race, I'd hate to think I'd lost them a gold medal because I'd not rested and walked at the opening ceremony."

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