GET yourself arrested and locked up – all in a good cause!

Michael Sobell Hospice is calling for volunteers to end up at Ruislip police station for its Jail and Bail fundraising event as part of a Hospice Care Week awareness campaign. The event will take place on Friday, October 3.

Those who take on the challenge will be asked to raise £1,000 before the day or spend time in a police cell with a mobile phone and a list of contacts to call until the full amount of bail is raised.

Those involved will be arrested by the police at Michael Sobell Hospice in Northwood and taken in a police van to Ruislip.

Once they have raised £1,000, they will be released and sent back to the hospice.

If you fancy being an inmate for an allocated time and think you could raise £1,000, please contact Trish Mule on 01923 844726 or email

David Durn, solicitor, from David Durn & Co in Ruislip explained why he was getting involved in Jail & Bail.

“We have all been faced with the horrible illness of cancer which indiscriminately affects so many,” he said.

“I have lost close family and friends to various types of cancer and most have been fortunate to receive excellent care.

“Whatever the outcome, those I know who have been lucky enough to get to use the resource of Michael Sobell, together with their families, couldn’t be more grateful to the centre and its staff.

“As a solicitor, it will be a novelty to be in the cells, rather than visiting someone there. It is an honour and pleasure to fund-raise on their behalf.”