A rail user is concerned about the “lack of care” an unconscious commuter received on a train.

Hyman David Stodell, of Broadfields, in Headstone Lane, is calling on Transport For London (TFL) to provide better medical attention at all rail stations.

The 81-year-old felt “upset” after he saw a man passed out on an empty underground train at Harrow And Wealdstone station, in Station Road, on Tuesday, March 14, at around 10pm.

He says the train was supposed to go Elephant And Castle but ended up travelling to Wembley in order for the commuter to receive medical care.

Mr Stodell believes TFL “failed” in their duty of care as no help was provided straightaway at Harrow And Wealdstone, which could have been detrimental to the man’s health.

He said: “I think it is an absolute disgrace that it took so long for the man to be treated.

“It was upsetting to see as he didn’t seem to be moving and I didn’t know whether he was alive or not.

“It is appalling. I think every station should provide medical attention straightaway.”

Mr Stodell first noticed the incident after waiting to catch a train to Headstone Lane.

He had used a lift to get to the platform due to having mobility problems and spotted three members of staff stood over the man, trying to wake him up.

He was lying sprawled across two seats in the first carriage and the staff were tapping on the window and shouting at him.

Mr Stodell says their efforts were not enough to rouse him and that a doctor should have been nearby to help instead.

He said: “Since it happened, I have been trying to unwind from this drama of seeing this man.

“The staff were trying to wake this character by tapping on the glass window and shouting at him rather than touching him, but I just feel it wasn’t enough. Something more should have been done.”

TFL has been contacted for comment.

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