IT’S every little girl’s dream to dress, act and feel like a princess.

Becky Couzens, from Hayes, realised this at a young age when her Aunt Jenny would take her on trips to Disneyland.

Unfortunately, Jenny died and, when Becky considered their happy times together, it made her think of the children not fortunate enough to get to places like Disneyland.

And, from this, her brainchild, The Princess Academy, was born.

Becky and her business partner and fellow princess, Poppy Baker, contacted charities and were invited to set up workshops for sick children and allow them to be a princess for the day.

Becky, a part-time model, met Poppy through being on the books of the same agency.

They each have very different looks and can play a number of characters, with Poppy’s Indian heritage allowing her to play the darker-haired characters and Becky’s naturally red hair making her the perfect candidate for blonde princesses.

The Princess Academy recently went on the road and visited a nursery for disadvantaged children in Portsmouth.

Becky says visiting these children was one of the highlights so far of her venture.

She said: “You can really tell the difference between the children who have a lot and the ones who have very little. They are so excited to see you and to experience what you bring and that’s amazing to see.”

The bespoke service also has ‘Pirate Academy’ for those who aren’t of a princess inclination.

Becky and Poppy dress up as an array of characters, such as Snow White, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and Aladdin, in costumes made by their “fairy godmothers”.

After only three months of being on the road, Princess Academy is going from strength to strength and helping little boys and girls be a prince or princess for the day.

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