A GROUP of doctors and midwives from Hillingdon Hospital have been sharing their skills with hospital staff in Africa.

The four-strong team, led by senior midwife Gillian Pearce, spent two weeks at Kamuli Mission Hospital in Uganda, which delivers more than 2,000 babies a year, despite having no trained paediatrician.

The team, whose trip was funded by Rotary International, provided training for more than 250 staff, including managing birth emergencies and emergency life support for new-born babies.

An important part of their work was a 'train the trainer' programme so that skills could be passed on to colleagues once the team had returned to the UK.

Dr Jide Menakaya, a neonatal paediatrician at Hillingdon Hospital said the team felt privileged to make the visit and share their skills.

He said: “We were humbled when we saw the huge responsibilities taken on by young doctors, nurses and midwives and their ability to make the best of limited training and clinical resources.”